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Delivery and returns

You may return our product with which you are not satisfied within a period of 14 days (the 14-day period starts on the day in which you receive your order). If you placed an order and you want to return the good, please fill in the required information.

Product return form

The return is free of charge, which means that we are going to pay for the pick-up/sending back of your items.

SMDC NutraCeuticals B.V. is not obliged to take the products back should they have been used or damaged. Please pack the products the way you received them.

Delivery of damaged/wrong products

Please contact our service department immediately in case you receive wrong/damaged products. These products are going to be accepted as a return and exchanged/refunded. Please follow the usual return procedure when sending these products back. You will have the possibility to choose the reason why you are sending them back directly in the return-form.

Please note that we have up to 30 days of time to complete the refund payment, starting from the day in which we receive your return at our warehouse. Of course we do our best to refund your money as soon as possible within the 30 days, in fact:

  • refund payments to credit cards/PayPal accounts normally take up to 5 days from the moment in which we receive the return at our warehouse.
  • refund payments to bank accounts normally take up to 10 days from the moment in which we receive the return at our warehouse.
  • Please be aware that the shipping costs you paid for the delivery of your order are NOT going to be refunded.

Return in 14 days

You have a period of reflection of 14 days to return the product without giving any reason, starting on the day of receipt of the product. You have 14 days from the time of the return notification to return the product. The product can only be returned unused and, if possible, in its original packaging. For the return of the order, the return costs are for your account. We will credit the amount within 14 days. You can also use the model form (see “Request a return” on this page).

SMDC NutraCeutical B.V. will reimburse all payments from the consumer, including any delivery costs charged by the trader for the returned product, immediately but within 14 days following the day on which the consumer notifies him of the withdrawal. Unless SMDC NutraCeutical B.V. offers to collect the product itself, SMDC NutraCeutical B.V. may wait to pay back until the product has been received or until the consumer shows that he has returned the product, whichever comes first. SMDC NutraCeutical B.V. uses the same payment method that the consumer has used for reimbursement, unless the consumer agrees to another method. The reimbursement is free of charge for the consumer.

U heeft een afkoelingsperiode van 14 dagen om zonder opgaaf van redenen het product te retourneren, ingaande op de dag van ontvangst van het product. U heeft vanaf het moment van de retourmelding nog 14 dagen de tijd om het product terug te zenden.  Het product kan alleen ongebruikt en,  indien mogelijk, in originele verpakking geretourneerd worden. Voor het retourneren van de bestelling zijn de retourkosten voor uw rekening. Wij zullen het bedrag binnen 14 dagen crediteren. Tevens kunt u gebruik maken van het modelformulier (zie “Request a return” op deze pagina).

SMDC NutraCeutical B.V. vergoedt alle betalingen van de consument, inclusief eventuele leveringskosten door de ondernemer in rekening gebracht voor het geretourneerde product, onverwijld doch binnen 14 dagen volgend op de dag waarop de consument hem de herroeping meldt. Tenzij SMDC NutraCeutical B.V. aanbiedt het product zelf af te halen, mag er worden gewacht met terugbetalen tot het product is ontvangen of tot de consument aantoont dat hij het product heeft teruggezonden, naar gelang welk tijdstip eerder valt. SMDC NutraCeutical B.V. gebruikt voor terugbetaling hetzelfde betaalmiddel dat de consument heeft gebruikt, tenzij de consument instemt met een andere methode. De terugbetaling is kosteloos voor de consument.